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When South of Los Angeles (SOLA) was first formed as a nonprofit the focus was on helping families provide the best of all circumstances for their children's educational and social development. Then we became part of a consortium along with other nonprofits and individuals known as the Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative (LAVC), something that started up out of Mayor Garcetti's promise to make Los Angeles---and by extension the entire State of California---the best place for American military veterans to settle after their service. Nobody could predict where this was going, but an interesting cultural environment evolved. Out of that reality SOLA has reformed with a dual structure that embraces the needs of all veterans and their families as our primary focus. Veterans and their family being integrated within their chosen community is our main goal.

From inception the University of Southern California came on board then lead the entire process by creating a whole new school of thought within their Social Work Department. By doing this, our collaborative is growing in leaps and bounds because of this research arm known as the Center for Innovation and ResearchThis entity has quickly evolved into a formal branch in the USC School of Social Work. They are now training professional social workers how best to serve our veterans coming back home with a wide variety of personal challenges.

At this point we are moving forward specifically focused on Healthcare reality for veterans with this most effective volunteer force that is producing high quality results, committed to systemic changes that ensure all veterans and their families live the best life by virtue of settling in Los Angeles, California. That's now a fact that will grow clearer day by day.

Luis South, President of SOLA
Veteran A veteran is anyone who wore the uniform. Period.

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