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The link below is from the Veterans Administration.

Whole Health is a comprehensive way to form strategies to sustain the most healthful life. Basically, the doctor-patient relationship is more of a collaboration that consciously changes "old school" thinking in medicine. These days the patient researches to self-discover what works best then gives input in each exchange with their doctor. The health outcomes and quality of doctor-patient talks have a clear history when compared to earlier times when patient simply followed doctors' instructions without question.

Members of SOLA now work within the Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative to facilitate discussions with American military veterans, the general public, as well as professional staff working with the VA and other medical providers.

Read VA Patient Centered Care

"A veteran is anyone who wore the uniform.  Period."
The original purpose of SOLA was to work from the family and community level in order to provide support services that enhance the parent-children relationship. We will continue that focus. We help formulate an ongoing plan with the family so children and parents gain a greater sense of controlling their life development. For children, pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade, SOLA staff provides a wide range of strategies to meet each child's needs. Then for parents we provide individual and class sessions focused on Parenting Skills as well as appropriate strategies to meet their personal life and education goals. Again we also work now with veterans because many veterans with families have just as much need for education strategies and sometimes more than civilian families.

 Added to our education focus is the need to provide public forums about "Whole Health" to reach homeless as well as other veterans, including those who received less than honorable discharge. SOLA staff adopted the thought expressed by the Los Angeles Veterans Collaborative that states, "A veteran is anyone who wore the uniform. Period."

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